• Located 25 kilometers from the city center, Madrid content city offers state-of-the-art facilities to carry out the current and future requirements of the most demanding productions in the market.
  • 12 studios with dimensions ranging from 1,200 square meters to 2,000 square meters and 12 meters of working height. -Every stage is self-contained having all the complementary facilities including, workshops, storage rooms, backstage area, offices, meeting rooms, dressing rooms, make-up and hair saloon, kitchenettes etc.
  • An entire building that houses up to 23 suites exclusive for post-production services (Dailies’ laboratory processing facilities, editorial, color grading, sound recording, editing and mixing, mastering, quality control, screening rooms)equipped with cutting edge technology 4K HDR Ready and Dolby Atmos Home Certified.
  • More than 22,000 sqm of enclosure and secured common areas such as warehouses, green areas, canteen, nursery, dining halls, offices, meeting rooms, private parking and an autonomous waste management center.
  • Auditorium for 260 people fitted for conferences, presentations, 4K projections, live streaming or promotional events.

Phase 1


  • Comprehensive production, exclusively for Netflix
  • 22,000 sqm of land
  • 5 studios: 3×1,200 sqm and 2×1,500 sqm
  • Set offices: 3,440 sqm
  • Post-production area: 400 sqm
  • Warehouses: 600 sqm
  • Corporate offices: 2,850 sqm
  • Parking lot: 2,600 sqm
  • Restaurant: 650 sqm
  • Auditorium

Phase 2


  • Works are expected to be finished by June 2021
  • 36,600 sqm of land
  • 5 additional studios (1 of 2,000 sqm and four of 1,500 sqm)
  • Food court: 2,400 sqm
  • Production offices, dressing rooms: 3,500 sqm
  • Warehouses: 6,600 sqm

Phase 3


  • Works are expected to be finished by September 2021
  • University campus exclusively dedicated in audiovisuals and media with a capacity for 7,000 students
  • Instruction center, for technicians and production staff
  • Offices available for production companies as well as other audiovisual sector corporations.
  • Restaurants, green areas, parking lots, sports areas etc